Still alive

My apologies for the lack of posting. Flu (or something) kept me mostly horizontal for a few days. Then, thanks to losing those precious days, I was busy doing some reactions I wanted to get done before Christmas. It just feels nicer to go on a holiday when the intermediates are done. And it’s especially nicer to come back from a holiday when the intermediates are done and ready to be wasted in the next failing reaction. Well, hope not. Purifying that 30 g by column chromatography was quite tedious.

And apologies also if someone’s comment has not appeared in the comments. I noticed that this thing has some kind of a spam filter installed by default. I managed to unspam one of them (sorry Uncle Al, didn’t mean to silence you) but I’m not quite sure if some comments were lost.

That’s it for this post. Just wanted to let you know that this blog hasn’t died in it’s infancy. It was just snoozing quietly. More chemistry-related posts coming soon.

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5 Comments on “Still alive”

  1. Uncle Al Says:

    Truth is only tolerated in war and comedy. Bush the Lesser ruined war. Management (technical incompetence exercising intellectual irresponsibility) and censorious software excludehumor. What’s an organiker to do? Let’s empirically falsify all of physics! That’s mostly harmless,

    We hoped to have the answer by 02 January. The grown benzil crystals are severely fogged. The experiment demands clean structure like pale yellow flawless glass. Anybody want to try growing benzil to 3 mm diameter? Use the e-mail link atop the preceding URL. Yer gonna need a Thiele tube, microscope coverslip, three tiny drops of epoxy, a few inches of fishing line, a little heater… and that’s the easy part. Get your boss’ or PI’s permission first.

    Uncle Al would grow them in his garage except Haz-Mat, the EPA, the War on Drugs, and Homeland Severity would disappear him. Amerika must be protected! Rather than foster brilliance, we allocate for its suppression.

  2. milkshake Says:

    I think the spam-guard here gets triggered by including more than 2 links per comment. I had a pretty good experience with spam protection at – only about 1 in 100 spams got through to my page

  3. Paul Says:

    The Akismet spam-prevention plugin for WP is fantastic, but I’ve also noticed that it flags Uncle Al’s posts for moderation.

    Good to hear you’re alive.

  4. Uncle Al Says:

    “A dream to some, a nightmare to others…” Merlin, Excalibur
    “You. Should. Be. Running.” Liz Sherman [to John, as she ignites her powers], Hellboy

  5. Mitch Says:

    Hope your feeling better. Make sure you take the flu shot next year!


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